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Do you need financing to get out of debt? Have you been denied loan applications for being on the delinquency list? If what you want is a quick solution or to finance a new project then, Tigreal is the best option for you, this mortgage lender offers you a wide range of options so that you can repay your life, pay your debts, or you want to start new business projects.

Entering its official website you will find the opportunity of your life, where you can request financing from 6000 euros to 100,000 euros, only asks you to have a property to register it as a guarantee. In some opinions about talk about the ease of the process and its reliability, there are currently a number of satisfied customers for this service.

If you want to know more about what Tigreal has for you, how it works and the advantages you can get, Keep Reading

What is your credit request?

Tigreal is a business entity that grants personal loans with mortgage guarantees that adapt to your measures. Based in Mataró (Barcelona) and made up of a large team of professionals with many years of experience in the credit field.

With the Tigreal mortgage loans, you must have a property, be it a house, land or business, that serves as a guarantee, or in case you do not have it, you have the option of endorsing the transaction with someone who is willing for example: a relative or a friend.

Tigreal adapts to your needs, and if you want to request an amount you can do it with a minimum of 6000 euros up to 100,000 euros, an evaluation of your case will be made, and you will only have to wait 24 hours to receive a response from the solution to your request .

With the Mortgages Request Your Credit, you will not have to worry about your financial past, since they will not take it into account. Tigreal will only ask you to meet the requirements. Test with this entity and take advantage of the benefits that can offer

Advantages of Request Your Credit

The mortgage loan Tigreal offers you great benefits and helps you solve your life effectively. If you want to get out of debt, keep your property, plan a reform for your home, open your own business, among other cases that require money, Tigreal online, fast and simple, from the comfort of your home, the opportunity is at your fingertips.

Let’s continue with the advantages of Tigreal:

  • 24-hour response: Tigreal knows that you need an immediate response, so they respond quickly
  • Personalized evaluation: after having made the request a professional will evaluate your situation with a free study and without commitment
  • No advance payments: the payment is made according to the signed contract.
  • The notary will go to your city to assist you and sign the contract
  • It will not be necessary to change bank
  • Accept customers on the delinquency list
  • Accept real estate from family or friends.

How Does Your Credit Request?

To be able to access this loan it is essential to have a property or property that is in the name of the applicant or in its case Tigreal accepts properties from family or friends, in addition it must be free of charges, or of little capital in process to settle the mortgage.

If your case is a local one, an evaluation of it will be done first and so they can have information about its final value, depending also on the type of location, area in which it is located, etc.

You can apply for a loan ranging from a minimum of 6000 euros to a maximum of 100,000 euros, fill out the application and your case will be evaluated by a professional, receiving a response to your financial solution in less than 24 hours without an additional cost.

With Tigreal you will not have to move from your area, since it has managers that will go to your city to sign the requested contract adapted to your needs, and all the information will be available to you in detail and explained by an advisor. You will have the money immediately that you sign, through bank checks that will have to be registered before a notary.

An interesting fact is when you enter your official website you can see that they give you a payment plan for up to 10 years to cancel the loan and in comfortable installments.

We recommend that you take into consideration your financial status, and that you have fixed monthly income, because if you can not pay the loan on time, the lender would keep your property. So, be very clear about how much you really need, but we assure you that you will receive advice that will help you know how to manage your finances

Require Your Credit Request

As we mentioned before the indispensable requirement is to have a property free of charge available as a guarantee of the loan.

Let’s see some specific requirements that Tigreal demands:

  • To be over 18 years old
  • Only for the Spanish community
  • Have monthly income to pay monthly installments
  • Have a property in the name of the applicant or, if applicable, accept the property of friends or family without pending charges or with a load of less than 20%

Tigreal with Melissandre

Tigreal forgive your financial past and it is the financing solution for you according to your needs. Tigreal has helped many clients to get out of delinquent files by giving them the opportunity to refinance their debts.

You have up to 10 years to pay the loans in installments that you can not imagine, helping you to make ends meet with relief and without worries.

That is why you can access money without worrying about your current situation, and thus face expenses that arise in your daily life

Amounts and Deadlines

The amounts of Tigreal are to your measure, since they are credited to your needs, you have very flexible and comfortable payment possibilities, and to be able to obtain financing from 6000 euros to 100,000 euros the minimum requirement is to have a property.

The terms of Tigreal have an approximate of up to 10 years, that is why is the entity that offers a good financing service adapted to your needs, and so you can solve your problems, reform your home, open a new business or expand it, cancel embargoes etc.

The interest rates of Tigreal are calculated from 8.9% TIN and 9.3% APR. a clear example of this would be the following: if you need an amount of 6000 euros the return time is 120 months (10 years) returning a total of 7,214 euros, with a total interest payment of 1,214 euros.

How to request it?

To apply for the loan, go to the official page and click on the “credit request”, then you can use the Tigreal simulator to determine with this simulator the amount of the total loan amount. Once made and verified, you make the request for the Tigreal loan, followed by that you will fill in a form with your information and send it.

You only have to wait 24 hours or less for a staff of Tigreal to give you an answer to your evaluation without additional expenses and without any commitment.

Tigreal Expenses

In short, with the Tigreal loan you will not have additional expenses, because the advice you will receive during the process is totally free. Tigreal offers a quality service and excellent benefits that leads to the solution of your financial problems.

This entity does not ask for payment in advance, its payments are according to the contract signed with the client, giving in this way guarantee that they will not charge for any other additional service. And if you meet your monthly payments as is due, you will gain a better reputation.

Opinions about Tigreal

As we mentioned at the beginning some opinions about talk about its reliability and the speed of its process, many satisfied customers have been able to settle their debts, expand their businesses, reform their homes, have changed their lives thanks to loans. Your Credit and that more reliable for a service than positive opinions, that do not make you doubt for wanting to bet on them

Here are some opinions from some customers who have already requested loans with Tigreal:

Laura: “My business was in decline and I needed an urgent loan to raise it, no bank dared to finance me and I bet for Tigreal, and it was the best thing that I have done, they have saved me to my business”

Jorge: “Tigreal helped me get out of the delinquent registers, now I do not feel so loaded with problems, besides the quotas are not excessive. I highly recommend this entity “

Ana: “I have been able to pay off my debts, thanks to Tigreal for trusting me, and the advice helped me a lot to improve my finances and not get back into debt”

Fabricio: “I finally got the financing I needed, and now I can remodel my house without any problem, and best of all, the fees are very comfortable and I can pay them normally”

Tigreal has changed the financial life of many for the better, it is the entity with the most reference in loans in the Spanish community, with the best care and also adapts to your needs, with up to 10 years of payment in easy installments and without additional costs.

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