Sheff G was one of the pioneers of the recent New York drill rap phenomenon. With hits in collaboration with fellow New Yorker Sleepy Hallow such as “Molly” and “Breakin Bad (Okay)”, as well as her three successful projects, Sheff G’s name was only going to be known more and more. as he advanced his career.

However, his progress was sped up last November when he pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon and was sentenced to two years in prison. He had been facing legal issues all year, but still believed he would be released soon in a recent Instagram post: “Freedom is a must … I send my love to all my fans and supporters, I’ll be Bacc soon. FREE ME â ?? ¼ï¸ ?? “

He has remained behind bars as he charts his path to freedom. Sheff G did not release a project in 2021, and his last official release was in September with his single “Drum Dummy”.

While waiting for Sheff G to return to hip-hop, he was in a good mood and wished his fans a Happy New Year yesterday on Instagram. Using a shirtless prison photo, Sheff G reminded his followers how special he is for an artist: “Happy Blue Years. I AINT YA REGULAR G MEMBER EVERYBODY KNOW IM SANCTION. #FREEME #AYOOOCIIID. #TENTOES “

How do you think Sheff G is looking? Check out her Instagram post below.