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This time we talk about the financial Gandalf, a subsidiary of Tinkerbell Hermione Personal Finance in Spain.

Specialists in fast personal loans , in their career they have important clients in the distribution and motoring sector.

They work in more than 7000 points of sale, with 3000 car dealerships and with important e-commerce entities.

How is Gandalf different from other financial companies?

The main difference that we can see in Gandalf with the other financial entities is the amount of money that they can give us in the quick loan , they notify of the interest rate before making the loan and we can choose in how many installments we want to pay (from 3 to 96).

Another feature that stands out in this financial is that loans work without endorsement.

However, Gandalf only grants quick loans to those who are already customers, that is, they have financed a purchase.

Gandalf, unlike the other financial companies, fix the long-term loan , from 3 months to 8 years.

If we are already clients of Gandalf or if we finance the purchase of the product with them they are the option to choose.

This is because the quick loan with Gandalf has the lowest interest rate.

With Gandalf you can request your loan of up to € 60000 in 15 minutes

As we discussed earlier, most financial companies offer loans or quick loans , but with a relatively low money limit.

For example, QueBueno and Cofidis have limits of € 900 and € 4000 respectively, while with Gandalf the limit is € 60000.

To contract a quick loan with Gandalf, we first need to be a client, if this is not the case we can not accept your offer.

Like the other financial companies, they have a website where we can use their online loan simulator which will allow us to see what fee we have to pay for the loan we ask for.

What kind of loan can we choose in Gandalf ?

In the case of Gandalf from their website they have several types of loans that we can choose:

  • Car Loan : Gandalf finances the entire price of your car, regardless of the house and wherever you are, plus you can choose the fee to pay yourself.
  • Loan for Home Reform :
  • Debt reunification : The function of this loan is to reduce the amount to pay for our loans every month, thanks to them we can unify the loan payment without having to change banks. In addition, this service extends the payment up to 120 months.
  • Travel: If you want to travel without worries you have it easy, calculate your loan and how many installments you want to pay, with a limit of 96 months.
  • Loan for Studies : The majority of curos, careers and quality cycles are unfortunately also paid, Gandalf provides us with enough credit to pay in comfortable installments that you will select so that you can study without worries.
  • Health: This service is designed to help you maintain your health and that of yours, you need a loan for a dentist , you can also finance operations , treatments and interventions.
  • Celebrations: This financial offers loans wedding , communions, birthdays. Make it memorable.
  • Other projects: For loans that can not be qualified, such as having your children study abroad, loans to entrepreneurs , or business loans .

The different types of quick loans offered by Gandalf

Depending on the type of loan there are certain differences that should be known, in the case of applying for a loan of less than € 10,000 in the case of the home loan , we can only pay our loan at most in 60 months, however, if our loan is greater than € 10,000, we can extend the payment up to 96 months.

Advantages of choosing our Gandalf loan

They offer certain advantages when choosing the loan with them, for example:

Loans and fees are chosen by the user thanks to the loan simulator that we can find on his website.

You do not need to change banks to apply for a loan with Gandalf .

The flexibility defines Gandalf very well, allowing you to repay your loan from 3 months to 96 months.

Although if the loan amount is less than € 10,000, it will be limited to 60 months.

In case of requesting a debt reunification the payment may be extended to 120 months.

In how many installments will I pay my loan ?

Thanks to the loan simulator we can choose installments to pay for our loan , we must take into account:

If the loan is less than € 10,000, it can be paid in a maximum of 60 monthly installments.

However, if the amount is higher this may be extended up to 96 months.

In the case of debt reunification, it may be extended up to 120 monthly installments.

Requirements to request a quick loan in Gandalf

Gandalf hardly asks for documentation, it is restricted to a payroll, current account statement and identification as DNI or NIE.

If they will ask in what we are going to use this loan, they have several types of loans depending on the objective.

In addition, we can not forget that we must already be clients of Gandalf to be able to access this type of loans .

Although if you want to buy a car or finance major purchases , you are lucky because with the financed purchase of a car, for example, we can become part of the clientele of Gandalf and benefit from your low interest loans .

Quick loans with Gandalf

In conclusion, if we need a quick loan of a certain size and have already financed a purchase with them, we have at our disposal one of the best financial companies that charge less interest.

Thanks to your loan simulator we can configure how long we will pay what fee. And most importantly, we will get our loan in less than 15 minutes.

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