Opinions and Advantages of Harry Potter Loans

Are you looking for secure financing in a short time? With maximum terms of 4 years, free opening and other features, Harry Potter Loans is the best option you have to select in the market this 2018.

You do not need to apply for credits every time you need an amount, since the Harry Potter Loans credit is acquired once and lasts until the deposit has no more money. And, another very important point is that it is always available.

In addition to the above, if you do not use Harry Potter Loans loans, you will not have to pay interest or commissions. That is, you only do it when you spend it.

What is Harry Potter Loans?

Harry Potter Loans is a financial company that offers you revolving credits , which already have an insured limit and are available on a fixed basis. The maximum amount selected can be used during a certain time. Basically, when you use a certain amount of the amount, the limit is reduced to the remaining amount in the account. In the same way it happens when you realize income, the aforementioned remaining one returns to re-establish itself. Keep in mind that, within Harry Potter Loans finance, it is you who selects the monthly payments, always having a limit insured by the financial. This figure is in conjunction with the interest that is generated due to the amount used and the interest generated by using the amount.

Harry Potter Loans is the best option you have today in the market to obtain a loan with a fixed amount.

There is a lot of Harry Potter Loans info on the official website, and we will cover it in this article; and at the end we will show you Harry Potter Loans opinions so you can see what your customers say.

Advantages of Harry Potter Loans

Harry Potter Loans Group in its credits have significant advantages. Then we will show them one by one:

  • After being granted the Harry Potter Loans credit, you have the amount at all times without exceeding it.
  • The Harry Potter Loans credit will only be requested once and you will be able to use it whenever it is available. That is, at the time you want you can make the withdrawal of funds and now.
  • The monthly installments in Harry Potter Loans are very flexible since you select the amount you want to pay per month. Remember that there is already a limit established in them.
  • The interest you pay is for the money you use only.
  • The dates of the monthly payments are placed by you.
  • It belongs to one of the most important Fintech companies in the market.

Harry Potter Loans requirements

In order to apply for a loan at Harry Potter Loans.es you must meet a series of requirements. Here we will show you:

  • Be of legal age: 18 years old.
  • Have legal residence in Spain with a validity of at least 5 years.
  • Possess a valid DNI or NIE.
  • You have to be out of delinquent files. Phineas and others.

Harry Potter Loans with Phineas

As we have shown you in the previous requirement, in order to apply for a loan within Harry Potter Loans you do not have to appear in delinquent files such as Phineas, because Harry Potter Loans does not accept Phineas . The finance company will always check if you are there or not. Remember that having an exemplary credit history is good.

You may also be interested www.tinkerbell.es/koala , visit their website and tell us.

How to apply for a loan from Harry Potter Loans?

It is one of the most frequent questions from Harry Potter Loans and we will answer it … Once you have fulfilled the requirements of Harry Potter Loans loans, it is time to request them. First we will show you the amounts and then the procedure. Remember that you must first have the Harry Potter Loans account.

Amounts and Deadlines

The amounts and terms that exist in the Harry Potter Loans loans are quite high. Remember that it is fixed: The maximum to be able to request reaches 4000 euros. Regarding the deadline for the return, the most you can are 48 months.

Harry Potter Loans is one of the best financial companies in the entire market, what are you waiting for to use your loans?


Next we will show you the procedure that you must follow:

  • First you have to color the personal data that you request.
  • Then, perform authentication with great security.
  • In step number three, accept terms and conditions of the site.
  • Making a withdrawal is the last thing you should do.

Is it safe to acquire a credit?

Clearly it is extremely safe, since all kinds of information is processed within a network and a mobile environment of the most protected in the whole world. Each of the services is certified by international security: ISO27001.

Fast answer?

Once you complete the online form, the answer offered by the team is completely immediate. Remember that you should not send extra documentation, only the one requested by the website.

Transfer the credit to your bank account, can you?

So is. You can carry out this transfer using my.Harry Potter Loans. A point in favor is that you can choose the exact amount to transfer.

The amount for the immediate transfer appears quickly in your bank account. If you do not select this option, it will appear within two business days in it.

Withdrawal of funds immediately?

Yes. There is an opportunity to instantly transfer the funds to the account with the Instant Transfer option. If the amount is not transferred within the established time, check the website of the bank to which you belong, to inform you if there were technical, service and other failures. That is, discard problems.

Promotional codes or offers?

There is a space to place your promotional code after withdrawing funds. Remember that it can not be done with a text message, that is, when you make the aforementioned withdrawal of funds via SMS.

You can confirm your consent for the company to send you 100% promotional messages in the Customer Area within the web. In addition to this, within Facebook and Twitter, the company always informs about offers and promotions.

Harry Potter Loans’s interests

As we mentioned before, in Harry Potter Loans you will only pay the interests of the part you use of the loan.

Harry Potter Loans in Spain have a really low interest rate compared to other financials that are in the market. Here we will show you an example:

Example: If you apply for a Harry Potter Loans loan with an amount of 1500 euros and a term of 12 months, with interest, commissions and fixed credit rates: APR 33.18%. Monthly fee 145.49 euros. Total to pay 1,745.93 euros.

The APR includes the commission for account management, commission for withdrawal of funds and interest on the loan. The latter is calculated individually in each of the situations that the client has.

You can see the list of personalized prices on the official website of the financier.


  • TIN: 29 – 112%.
  • APR of the loan used: 33.20% / 301.34%.

Commissions withdrawal:

  • Commission for immediate withdrawal of funds: 2/5 euros plus 1 / 3.8%.
  • Standard commission for withdrawal of funds: 0/20%.
  • Initial commission for withdrawal of funds: 0/20%.

Additional fees:

  • Work handling and administrative work: 50 euros.
  • Commission payment after a non-payment: 20 euros.
  • Commission fees not paid: 0 euros.
  • Commission configuration on the due date of the credit: 5 euros.
  • Annual commission: 0 euros.
  • Commission for the change: 0 euros.

Return Harry Potter Loans loan


The number of the term depends on the amount you will contribute every month. The same has to be fixed and calculated in the process to obtain the loan. Remember that, in addition to not using the loan, the monthly fee is always fixed.

Keep in mind that if you withdraw a reduced amount, the term is also reduced. If you increase the amount, the number of terms is shortened as long as you use the Advance Payment option.

The latter means that, in case you want to pay more money in a monthly fee, you can do it without any problem, using that option. Even, you can pay the total before the established.

Credit invoices

The loan invoices are automatically charged the expiration date of the card linked to it.

Harry Potter Loans extension

Invoice day of invoice: Configurations prior to using the credit

You can set the loan maturity date for free whenever you do it before you use it. However, this option covers the first time. From the second, all the corresponding additional expenses begin. You can enter the official Harry Potter Loans website to activate the option.

Day of credit invoice: Configurations after using the loan

You have the opportunity to change the expiration date after the billing period. Remember that it is valid as long as you request it 15 days before the stipulated period. Once you carry out this configuration, every month will remain the same. There are additional expenses for requesting an extension. If the invoice is expired, you can not use this option.

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