Need money? Quick Loans available here!

Gandalf is a financial institution specialized in microloans.

This company gets personal loans of up to € 500 in 10 minutes.

From the Gandalf website we can see the steps to follow to request a quick loan.

  1. We choose the amount to request
  2. The request is processed
  3. The money is entered into the account
  4. You spend it on what you need.

Gandalf does not worry so much about your financial situation that if you need a quick loan this is your place.

Why should I choose Gandalf?

It is a financial institution specialized in short-term personal loans.

Something that characterizes Gandalf is loyalty and discretion but above all the speed with which they act, being able to spend 10 minutes between requesting the loan and obtaining it.

In case of doubt, they have qualified personnel who will be willing to answer any questions.

How can I apply for a loan with Gandalf?

Gandalf also uses the famous loan simulator , which allows us to see at a simple glance the monthly fee we are going to pay for the requested amount to be paid in the requested time.

After indicating the amount and the payment term, we will fill in a form with our data.

They will ask us for information such as the address where we live, telephone number, identification document, etc …

After filling in this information the web will show if the request has been pre-approved or not.

Requirements to apply for a loan in Gandalf

The Gandalf offer is intended for anyone who needs urgent credit so that it is addressed to all customers.

Gandalf loans are unsecured loans which makes the interest a little high.

We will not need to link with any specific bank to obtain this loan.

  • The reimbursement period to choose is 15 or 30 days, unless you ask for more than € 200, in which case the period will always be 30 days.
  • In case of non-payment, each reminder will cost the client € 20.

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