You won’t find Moneybagg Yo sipping Texas Tea again this year, as he announced that he will start the New Year with a sober spirit. The rapper, who topped HNHH’s Top 35 Hip-Hop Songs in 2021 with “Wockesha,” took to Twitter today where he announced he would no longer touch substances. He explained that he thought he needed substances like lean to fuel his creativity, but only improved when he was not under the influence. Plus, he said his skin glows when he’s not sipping.

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

“I used to think that being sober would screw up my creative process, I see data just a witty thing because I was more active and glowing skin and I let the nun down but the pressure, ”he wrote before launching the #NoMoreWockesha challenge.

It shouldn’t be entirely shocking. NLE Choppa previously asked Moneybagg Yo to stop drinking lean in favor of chlorophyll. Bagg didn’t say much but did quote Choppa’s tweet, adding a handshake emoji in response.

Bagg is not the only Memphis artist to have spoken of the wonders of being weightless. Pooh Shiesty recently said he’s also trying to stop sipping skinny. Pooh said his mental state has changed completely since his incarceration and he will definitely eliminate the cough syrup concoction from his diet.

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