The week, after yet another hearing in the assault case against Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion found herself on the defense. The rapper went to verbal warfare with DJ Akademiks after he shared a false report about DNA evidence presented in court, provoking reporters from the New York Post and rolling stone come forward to refute his claims. However, Lanez tweeted that Akademiks was not lying, and later the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office also released a statement indicating that there was more than enough evidence to support the charges against Lanez.

Amid the back and forth, the public weighed in heavily with their comments on the July 2020 shoot involving the two artists.

Cindy Ord/Staff/Getty Images

The world has been following the polarizing case which has left a clear divide as people have long chosen sides, and earlier today (February 25) Megan surfaced on her Instagram Story with a screenshot of a disturbing message.

It’s not hard to find comments and scathing messages about Megan online, but she took a moment to share a post in which she was tagged from an Instagram account named “megantheestallionsbiggesthater”. The account posted, “Megan must be shot and killed [smiling tongue out enoji].”

Megan wrote on the post, “This is the kind of shit I get online and see EVERY DAY.” Her fans offered words of support while others continued to fire cruel remarks. Check it out below.

Megan you stallion