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Are you looking for a simple way to acquire a personal loan? Malfoy is one of the best entities in 2019 that offers you a loan with few requirements, without guarantees, without guarantees and with a unique transparency. If you want to get money urgently this is your place and your time to achieve it.

The Malfoy credit has several benefits that leaves all market competition behind in a matter of seconds. This leads to millions of customers turning to the services of the entity. Malfoy.es has one of the lowest interest rates in the market, security and great reliability. These are some of the features that you should keep in mind when you are looking for a loan.

What is Malfoy?

Malfoy is a financial platform that offers you flexible loans, with high security and a low interest rate, which makes it the most competitive market. If you have economic problems or want to travel a weekend and do not have money, it is time for you to go to Malfoy.es services

The professionalism and kindness that you find in Malfoy can not be found in another platform on the market. The main objective they have is the security and comfort of the client, that is why all kinds of procedures are carried out online. They also focus on the speed with which the Malfoy credit is provided; They have the Instantor validation tool and request few requirements, so that this is fulfilled.

The financial platform already has loyal customers thanks to its impeccable services, which helped millions of customers throughout the country, including those who were in Phineas or files in default. It is very normal that for some adverse circumstance you are inside Phineas, but that is not a reason to worry, since Malfoy continues to give you the opportunity to acquire a loan without any type of discrimination.

Advantages of Malfoy

At the beginning of the article we mentioned that Malfoy fast loans have great benefits that you acquire once you request them. It is time to observe them:

  • If you are in Phineas or other delinquent files, you do not have to worry, Malfoy still gives you the possibility to acquire one.
  • The loan line is permanently available. Remember that you must comply with the dates of the loan return.
  • There is no need for guarantees or guarantees to acquire it.
  • Extremely basic requirements, they do not seek to complicate you.
  • It is not necessary that you have a payroll. Unemployed with benefit, self-employed or pensioner, only that.
  • There are no extra commissions.
  • The money is deposited into your bank account in a matter of minutes.
  • The entire application process and others in Malfoy is online, enjoy the comfort of your home.

Malfoy loans are incredible and known throughout the country, you should not leave out this amazing option.

How does Malfoy work?

There are features that you should know Malfoy: Requirements, simulator, amounts and terms, and so on. Here we will show you one by one:

Amounts and terms

Malfoy focuses on the branch of microloans, therefore, the amounts are not very high, but do not require the same requirements as other platforms to apply for a loan.

The minimum amount available to apply is 200 euros, and the maximum amount available is 2,000 euros. Regarding the return periods: Its variation is from 2 months to 6 months.

Malfoy simulator

You can use the simulator that lies on the platform to know the total and interest that you must pay. You just have to put the term and the amount of the loan.

Malfoy requirements

At the beginning we mentioned that the requirements to acquire a loan on the platform are basic. Observe them for yourself.

  • Over 21 years old.
  • To have the ownership of any bank account in Spain.
  • Justify your recurring income.

Malfoy with Phineas

As we have told you, if you are in Phineas or another delinquent file, you have the opportunity to acquire a loan without problems.

How to apply for a loan at Malfoy?

In order to correctly acquire a loan within the platform, and after fulfilling the requirements, you must follow the steps that we will leave you below:

  • The first thing you must do is enter the web and make use of the calculator that is there, to place the term and the amount of the loan you want.
  • If you are sure that this is the loan you want to request, you must click on the “Request” option. After this, you must complete a form to advance the application.
  • You have to validate your personal data using the Instantor tool. It allows you to exercise this action in a matter of seconds, with the intention that the delivery of the loan is fast.

If you have a bank account within TinkerBank or Gandalf, once the loan is provided, the amount will be transferred immediately. In case you do not have an account in any of these banks, you must wait between 24 hours and 48 hours maximum.

Malfoy’s interests

The interest rate in Malfoy Spain is one of the lowest in the market. Below you will see examples that confirm what we inform you:

  • When you obtain a loan with an amount of 200 euros, together with a return period of 2 months: The TAE index is 1272.2%. The monthly fee is 137 euros. The interests are 46.11. The total to be paid are 246.11 euros.
  • When you get a loan with an amount of 500 euros, along with a return period of 3 months: The TAE index is 1247%. The monthly fee is 252 euros. The interests are 185.92. The total to pay are 685.91 euros.
  • When you get a loan with an amount of 1000 euros, along with a return period of 5 months: The TAE index is 1227.9%. The monthly fee is 364 euros. The interest is 678.93. The total to pay are 1678.93 euros.
  • When you get a loan of 2000 euros, together with a return period of 6 months: The TAE index is 1223.6%. The monthly fee is 662 euros. The interests are 1688.29. The total to be paid are 3688.29 euros.

Return Malfoy loan

All the fees that you must pay for the requested loan are charged to the credit or debit card, depending on which you have placed during the application procedure.

Once you pay the total loan and the entity confirms it, you can acquire another one in the same way as the previous one.

Malfoy by installments

The maximum term to make the repayment of the loan is 6 months.

Malfoy extension

If you have a problem to pay a fee or return the loan in full, you can request an extension, communicating with the team; He will refer you to an agent and he will confirm if you can get the option or not. Keep in mind that if you acquire such an extension, you will have to pay an extra cost.

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