It was around this time. Chicago is the center of attention for hip-hop fans as Kanye West unveils his third and allegedly final listening event in his hometown. So far, West has taken over a Las Vegas church for a Donda listening session as well as camped at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for its two events which welcomed tens of thousands of attendees. This time around, the rapper erected a replica of his childhood home fitted with a large lighted cross at its top, and fans were eating it before Dondathe arrival.

The deployment of this expected record has been around for some time but it is only in recent months that it has Dondathe release of has been confirmed. After release dates turned Kanye into “the boy who cried wolf,” audiences have all but given up on believing that Donda will actually arrive on streaming platforms. However, Ye’s team promise that they will, for sure, make a summit appearance on Friday (August 27) morning.

While it is expected that we will be sharing a lot more of this event throughout the weekend, we have collected some first-hand images, videos and experiences from people who attended the Chicago listening event at Soldier. Field. West has reportedly made millions of dollars from his Donda efforts in recent months, proving that he knows how to capitalize on a musical moment.

Fans noted that Jay-Z was replaced by DaBaby, a controversial move given the recent North Carolina artist scandal, but Marilyn Manson’s appearance ruffled feathers as well. The shock rocker is currently facing multiple rape and sexual assault allegations and prosecutions.

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