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A decade ago, a large part of the population had savings that allowed them to face any unforeseen situation and solve it. However, at present, the economic crisis that affects most of the countries, prevents people from saving part of their income monthly.

Unfortunately, no one is exempt from having an accident or a setback that involves a need for quick money. For this reason, hundreds of companies that offer online loans instantly and with a minimum of requirements have emerged.

The offer of companies that offer quick mini-credits is very large and if you hurry, you will probably end up in the hands of financial institutions that will charge you a small fortune in interest. To avoid headaches, find and compare all available options.

To help you in this difficult task, we will tell you all the advantages of the products offered by, a company that enjoys a solid reputation in the financial sector.

Reasons to choose Gandalf

The site belongs to the prestigious Gandalf Group, an international holding company with presence in more than 8 European countries. This company was created in 2006 and since then it has performed successfully within the financial sector, obtaining important distinctions.

These are some of the reasons why you should choose Gandalf products:

  • European Business Award.

The personal loans of this company have been awarded with the recognized European Business Award, an award that since 2007 highlights the innovation and professional and ethical conduct of European companies in the economic and financial field.

  • Responsible loans.

Fast loans can be an excellent short-term solution, but if they are not handled with prudence, the client can further worsen their precarious economic situation. For this reason, at Gandalf, all the requests are carefully evaluated, consulting the debtor databases and analyzing in depth the bank statements of each of the applicants, in order to determine if the client will be able to meet the debt without compromising its economy.

Characteristics of Gandalf loans

The quick credits of this company have been designed to help people to face unexpected situations, emergencies or to solve any taste or whim.

  • How much can you ask?

At a distinction is made between new and old customers, with the latter having some privileges.

If this is the first time you request a loan from the company, then the minimum amount available will be € 50 and the maximum amount of € 300.

However, if you are already a Gandalf customer, then the maximum limit will be € 1,000.

  • Which are the requirements?

In order to access these loans, it is necessary to comply with certain conditions: be over 18 years of age; reside legally within Spanish territory; have a valid DNI; have a monthly income and have a mobile phone.

  • What happens with the loans with Phineas?

Does Gandalf offer loans with Phineas? Many people have some debt and therefore, they appear in the records of delinquent debtors of Phineas, which is the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. For these people, getting credit online is very difficult, because companies do not usually grant them.

If you figure in the files of defaulters and you are interested in obtaining a credit at, contact the Customer Service Center by calling 93 178 6000, Monday through Sunday from 8AM to 9PM. A representative will answer your call and advise you personally.

  • What are the return periods?

You choose when to return your credit fast. The minimum term is 5 days and the maximum is 3 months.

How to apply for a Gandalf loan

You can complete the Gandalf loan application process completely online and without having to move to any company office.

  • If it is your first loan.
  • If you are going to ask for a loan in this company for the first time, you have to enter the site and then select in the loan simulator, the amount of money you need and the time in which you want to return it.
  • Next, you must complete the registration form on the company’s website, where you will be asked for all your personal information.
  • In this stage you will have to validate your identity and your financial solvency. For this you will have to send a scanned copy of your identity document and make a transfer from your bank account to the Gandalf bank account, the transfer will be for a minimum amount of € 0.01. This transfer is essential because thanks to it, you can prove that you are the holder of the bank account that was placed on the application form.
  • When you have completed the credit application process, Gandalf will evaluate your application and inform you via SMS or email, if your application was approved or denied.
  • If your application was approved, you will have to send an SMS to Gandalf accepting the credit. You will have a maximum term of 14 calendar days to accept the loan.
  • Finally, if you accept the loan, you will have the money deposited in your bank account in a period of approximately 15 minutes.
  • If you are already a client

If you are already a client of Gandalf, the process is much simpler, but keep in mind that it is necessary that you have finished paying your previous fast credit, before requesting a new one.

  • Enter your account at the site, select the amount you want to request in the loan simulator and the period in which you want to return it and then send the request.
  • Ready! Your application will be evaluated and you will be informed shortly if your request was accepted or not.

Interest and costs of Gandalf’s personal loans

We all like to have cash, however it is good to remember that regardless of which company gives you the quick credit, you must always pay interest.

  • What are the interests of a loan?

Gandalf applies an APR (Equivalent Annual Rate) of 2,899.03% to its financial products. However, as the interest calculation is usually quite complicated for the clients, the company offers a loan simulator to them.

The loan simulator that you will find on the official Gandalf website will allow you to know exactly how much you will have to pay in interest.

For example, if you request € 90 and return them in 16 days, after that period you will have to pay € 104.40, that is, you will pay € 14.40 in interest.

  • How much will you have to pay if you request an extension?

If for some reason you can not pay your loan on the due date, you must contact you by telephone or email with Gandalf and request an extension or deferment.

The postponement can be for a minimum period of 5 days and a maximum period of 1 month.

However, for Gandalf to grant you the extension, you will have to pay a fee, which will depend on the amount of your credit and the time you need to postpone the payment.

Now you know! If you need money urgently, Gandalf personal loans can be a good alternative for you.

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