A new album is an opportunity for an artist to reinvent themselves, both in terms of music and appearance. Shawn Mendes does both with his new album, Wonder.

Briseno and Mendes have been collaborating for five years and have experimented with various approaches. Mendes’ recent style has been quite rock & roll, even grungy at times. He and Briseno, for example, wore a Saint Laurent tuxedo with sequin accents to the Met Gala last year. “We focused on the raw, rebellious spirit of the clothes last season,” says Briseno. “The scene was dominated by cropped shirts layered over tank tops and black skinny pants with bare hems.” Briseno and Mendes, on the other hand, intended to evoke a more nostalgic vibe for Wonder.

Mendes wore this new look to several press engagements and concerts to promote Wonder ahead of the album’s release. The costume she put Mendes in for the recent American Music Awards when he performed her song “Monster” alongside Justin Bieber, was one of Briseno’s favorites they created together. Mendes wore traditional button-up pleated pants (with a hint of a tank top underneath!) and heeled ankle boots, while Bieber looked more skater-inspired in loose denim and flannel. “Shawn looked stunning in a Dolce & Gabbana shirt and pleated wool leggings.”

This new, more understated appearance compliments Mendes’ youthful charm and the idol’s hair, but it also enhances her image from teenage pop star to mature singer. He was nicknamed Mendes 2.0. And we can expect him to stick with this more streamlined and straightforward look in the days to come, at least for the duration of this album’s era.

Photos of Mendes’ latest appearances and performances are included below.

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