Erica Banks is off the market. On Friday, the 22-year-old rapper took to social media to make Instagram official, revealing that she was in a relationship with Tennessee rapper Finesse2Tymes. Although Banks is generally an open book when it comes to her fans, she hasn’t shared much about the new relationship. She posted a slew of photos of herself holding her new beau’s neck as he clung tightly to her waist. “2X [green heart]“, she captioned the photo.

After her release from prison in July, Finesse got back to music and bagging. He recently wrote a heartfelt post about coming home, sharing, “Feel July 1st the day I was released, shit, that was crazy, Everyday was a movie, I knew what was coming. pass, But shit was going crazy, crazy, crazy, Yaw can’t even imagine.” In a slide of photos of him alongside some of hip hop’s biggest young stars, including Lil Baby and Christian Combs, the 2X continued, thank you to everyone who is here for me, (really) and not just for the money or influence. It means more to me than money and fame. This shit for the future.”

In addition to finding love, Erica Banks has worked hard to shake off comparisons to Megan Thee Stallion. 1501 Certified Entertainment recently ended accusations that she tried to style Meg out, tweeting, “Erica Banks this and Erica Banks that. IIf you just wanted to take my cock out of your mouth for a second, you’d probably realize you look crazy. Stop being messy, you tried to knock me down for 2 years and I’m still relevant. let it go, I’m here to stay Stink.”

Check out more photos of Finesse 2X below.