A common thread among the greatest rappers in the game is their propensity to brag about their wealth and extravagant possessions. They have line after line about cars, jewelry, designer clothes and their decadent living conditions. Naturally, the curiosity of listeners and fans tends to get the better of them. With the accessibility offered to all internet users these days, it is quite easy for them to know how rappers live.

Mark Brown/Getty Images

People turn to Google to find out what the homes of their favorite hip-hop artists actually look like and what all the money they earn is used for. Those searches were counted and tallied, and Drake, unsurprisingly, has the most wanted house. The masses want to know exactly how Certified lover lives.

Drake’s estate in Toronto is huge. It is said to be over 50,000 square feet in size, with small toys like an indoor basketball court and rooms over 2,500 square feet. Every year, more than a million people surf the web with the goal of seeing Drake’s living quarters. The only celebrity in any profession with higher search numbers is billionaire space experimentation pioneer Elon Musk.

Eminem, next behind Drake in the “most searched” category, receives more than 245,000 Google searches a year for his home. Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, totals nearly 215,000 searches in one year. Travis Scott would round out the top 4 rappers in this category, achieving just under 200,000 searches for his home based on Google calculations.

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