Chance The Rapper took out Joey Bada$$ at the 2022 BET Awards on Sunday for a rendition of their new song, “The Highs & The Lows.” The two artists rapped on stage as subtitles played in the middle of the screen for viewers at home. The style was similar to Chance’s clip for the track, which he shared earlier this month.

The release of “The Highs & The Lows” precedes Chance’s long-awaited second studio album.

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

“They all come from a space where I finally feel empowered and I finally feel ready to talk about all the things I think about,” Chance told the Chicago Sun-Times when asked about the songs. of the project. “This project explores much darker themes than those I have tackled in the last two projects. But all of this always comes from a place of understanding that everything is a process.

Bada$$ is also preparing the release of a new album. His upcoming third studio album, 2000, was due out last week until last-minute sample release issues delayed it. So far, Bada$$ has shared two singles from the album, “The Revenge” and “Head High.”

Chance wasn’t the first rapper to surprise viewers by bringing out another artist. Earlier in the night, Jack Harlow welcomed Lil Wayne and Brandy on stage with him to perform “Poison” and “First Class.”

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