Cardi B has clarified previous reports that she will have to share her entire medical file with a judge amid her ongoing trial against YouTuber Tasha K for her “very offensive” claim that Cardi had herpes and HPV . Cardi says Tasha’s attorneys asked her to share the files, but a judge turned them down. His test results for herpes and HPV were shared with the judge months ago.

Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

In response to the story posted on The Neighborhood Talk, she wrote: “The test results have already been delivered for 3 months already, but her attorneys requested all of my medical records, which was refused by the judge! herpes and HPV will be on trial as the judge ordered! “

She added in another comment: “And for people who lack understanding, the reason I sued in the first place is because I wanted to publicly prove that these deaths and the allegations that this woman made to my subject is wrong and that I am willing to do anything and everything to prove it. THANKS “

Tasha K’s allegations involved allegations that Cardi cheated on her husband, Offset.

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