It was a momentous occasion for hip-hop fans when, after six long years, rapper Bobby Shmurda was released from prison in February of this year. The New York-based artist was locked in as part of GS9’s massive bust in 2014 and many expected Bobby to drop new music immediately after his release. Unfortunately for the fans, that was not the case.

There have been rumors that his label, Epic Records, had held back any new releases from the rapper over the past few months but, according to Bobby himself, he was recovering… but not right away.

Taking to Instagram to briefly explain why he’s taken so long to release new music, Bobby said, “I’m Bizzy who needed time to breathe, they locked me in the pins doing 23 ! “

He joined a trio of photos, slowing down expensive cars and enjoying his time as a free man with his friends. His release was a long time coming and we are all happy to see him at home again. It will take a little longer for new music, however.

Fortunately, he has a few recent features to hold us back until the moment he inevitably arrives with his first big drop, including his verse on Eladio Carrion and J Balvin’s new remix of “TATA”.

Can’t wait to hear what Bobby Shmurda did in the studio?