Alternatives to quick loans ONLINE

Due to the great crisis of 2008 many banks denied loans and mortgages to those who requested it, today the problem persists in many homes, so we present the alternatives to quick loans .

This led to the emergence of many financial companies that distinguished themselves in offering alternatives to banks .

These companies distinguished themselves by not demanding as much documentation as the banks, although in exchange the loans are not that big.

What alternatives to quick loans can we find?

Because not everyone receives large personal loans or mortgages, new forms of loans often arise.

  • Open a new account in a bank
    • Many banks offer us the possibility to opt for small personal loans easily and simply in exchange for opening an account with them.
    • We can also access lines of credit with the hiring of savings plans.
  • Go to a private lender
    • This case depends a lot on the lender, the kind of business you have and the solvency that you require, although as a rule they are usually a good option.
  • Ask for a payroll advance
    • We can request or in our bank or in our company an advance of our payroll in case of emergency.
  • Credit cards
    • With credit cards we can have immediate access to small amounts of credit that will then be passed to us at the end of the month.
    • Also, depending on your bank this credit up to a certain amount is free, that is, without interest or commissions.
  • Social credits
    • In case of being a person at risk of social exclusion we can access this type of loans
  • Get a guarantor
    • This is not really an alternative to quick loans, but it can change our condition a lot and make those who previously denied us now accept us.

Amount to be requested with these alternatives to the loans

As a general rule, these alternatives usually do not lend more than € 10,000.

As much to a private lender , but the normal thing is that they do not give us a larger amount either.

For this case it will be really important to have 1 or several guarantors.

Otherwise, we can use valuable properties to guarantee the loan.

Requirements for alternatives to quick loans

These requirements will be different for each alternative.

For example, in the case of private lenders we can find that they ask us for very different requirements since they are not as standardized as the entities.

On the other hand, if we become new customers of a bank we can request an advance of the payroll .

In some cases request small personal loans .

There are more special cases such as social loans that have an essential requirement, being a person at risk of social exclusion.

The option of credit cards are also good because in most cases with a payroll our bank will provide it without problem and these cards usually carry associated a monthly available credit as long as we comply with the payments.

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