For the past four years, Alexis Skyy has been a devoted mother to her daughter, Alaiya Grace. The social media influencer and model went head-to-head on Hollywood love and hip-hop with Masika Kalysha as they were both dating Fetty Wap, and when it was revealed that Skyy was pregnant, news circulated that Fetty was the baby’s father. Alaiya would arrive early and be diagnosed with hydrocephalus, forcing the little girl to undergo several surgeries during the first years of her young life.

It was later revealed that Alaiya’s father was a man named Brandon Medford, and over the years it has been suggested that he had not been a stable figure in his daughter’s life. In a recent post, Alexis Skyy alleged their daughter was hospitalized for days while Medford was in town, not returning her calls.

“He won’t answer my phone calls or my texts, but on social media,” she wrote. “It’s been 5 months since your daughter has seen you and this is what you are doing. I’m trying my best to co-parent so Lay Lay never grows up and says I kept her away from her dad. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep as I lay next to Lay Lay in the hospital bed which is good because as parents we have to make sacrifices to make sure our kids are okay .”

Skyy lamented that Medford was inconsistent, adding that she “should never have let your narcissistic self come to see her” because Alaiya asks about him. She said he posts “hypocritical messages” daily describing himself as a good father, but that seems to be the case for his other children. “Where is your heart[?]Skyy asked.

After The Shade Room reposted their post, Skyy dropped another note about Fetty’s involvement after commenters had a say.

“Let me clear things up, Fetty and I both knew what he decided to always be there for alaiya no matter we have our own past with everything we’ve been through. I contacted Brandon for 2 years for him to pass the test I had to hire a private investigator and then go buy him a Bentley and then he decided to take it he knew he was a lay dad for 2 years now I don’t never lied to her nothin’ before we weren’t working there’s no excuse for this craziness ok I’m human I’m not perfect whatever happens my daughter is my priority My whole problem is not to come to his office then to disappear, not to answer so as not to call anything.

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