Affion Crockett recalled meeting Jay-Z during former President Obama’s inauguration in 2008 and responding to his iconic impression of the rapper. The comedian opened up about the incident during a recent interview on The breakfast clubadmitting he was afraid of getting slapped at first.

To Crockett’s surprise, Jay-Z loved the impression and the two hit it off.

“Hov loves the print. The first time I met him I thought I was going to get slapped, I’m not going to lie,” he admitted. “I’m in the back…and all of a sudden a wave of people are coming down the stairs, and it’s Jay and his entourage, they’re about to take the stage.”

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

He continued, “He sees me and starts walking towards me. You know how in movies when the camera comes at you and you start getting smaller? That’s how I felt. I was like, ‘Aww shit.’ He walks up to me and holds his hand out to me, he says, ‘Yo, you’re doing the Jigga man. I like this!'”

From there, the two interacted throughout the night and even filmed a video together. In the end, Crockett says he has nothing but respect for Jay.

“All night he kept walking towards me, making sure I was okay,” he added. “Mary J. Blige was on stage and he said to me, ‘I bet you can’t sing like that!’ He was really cool! And then we did a video drop and he showed love and he made me laugh in front of him. Nothing but respect, man.

Crockett recently hosted the TV series reunion special Martinbroadcast on BET in June.

Check out Crockett’s comments on The breakfast club below.