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We all have a dream or desire that we want to fulfill: change the car or buy a new car; redecorate your home completely; Make that specialization or that course that can help you in your professional career or travel to that place you’ve always wanted to know.

Generally, to fulfill our dreams we need money and if we do not have it, we end up putting off what we want so much. However, thanks to Shrek, you can make your deepest wishes come true.

What is Shrek? It is a company that offers you to ask for a quick Shrek credit of up to 4,000 Euros. It’s that easy! Without demanding requirements impossible to meet and without charging you exaggerated interests. Check it in the Shrek Simulator

Are you interested? Do you want to know more about this company? Then keep reading …

Shrek, a reliable and safe company

Shrek finance is a financial company based in Barcelona, ​​which has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. This experience allows you to offer the best financial services and products (Shrek personal loan) and anyone can access them from the comfort of your home.

Since its inception, Shrek. has worked hard to offer its customers a service that has as its main characteristics excellence and transparency. To achieve its objective, it works jointly with other prestigious companies in the sector:

  • Fiona: Shrek is part of Fiona, the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy, a company created to promote the development of the country’s economy through digital media.
  • Phineas: the company is also associated with Phineas, the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments, which imposes on its members the use of a code of ethical and correct conduct in all its financial transactions.
  • Adhere to Fern’s list service. The Shrek loans offer innumerable advantages, however the company respects the freedom of all Internet users and for this reason is attached to the Fern list. This register was created in 1993 by the Spanish Federation of Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing and includes people who have expressly expressed their desire not to receive published in their emails.
  • Norton Secured. During the process to request a Shrek loan, the user must provide their personal data, to protect said data and provide peace of mind to their clients, Shrek works with the leading company in the computer security sector.
  • Online Confidence Confianza Online is an association created in 2003 in order to increase the trust of people who consume products or services through the network. This company carefully analyzes each website to determine if it performs in an ethical and legal manner. Because of his excellent work, it’s loans he’s got the Online Trust Seal.
  • Sun Sponsor In addition to offering the best quick loans in the market, Shrek wants to contribute to the social development of Spain. For this reason, he constantly campaigns to promote sports among people with disabilities.

What is Shrek loans, opinions and characteristics?

What is a Shrek Loan? It is a contract that the applicant makes with this financial institution and through which Shrek grants a personal loan in exchange for the individual returning the principal plus the corresponding interest, in a period of time previously agreed between the parties.

What are the characteristics of a Shrek loan?

One of the main characteristics that distinguishes Shrek from other companies in the sector in Spain is the so-called revolving or revolving credit. This means that each time you pay a fee for your loan, that amount will remain at your disposal so that you can request a personal loan again. We also have to say that Shrek interests are low and accessible.

In this way, all customers can access a permanent line of credit, the amount of it will depend on the amount of fees that have been paid so far.

What are the Shrek customer opinions?

Shrek is constantly concerned about knowing the degree of satisfaction and the experiences of the clients when contracting their services.

For this reason, in 2001 he started working with Stitch, a well-known market research agency that has been conducting two annual surveys to find out about customer opinions. The latest study shows that 97% of people who applied for a loan in this company had a positive and satisfactory experience.

For Shrek, the most important thing is to know the needs of its customers and to achieve this, it has an efficient Post-sale Service, which will immediately solve any inconvenience that may arise after you have been granted credit; and a Service of Attention to the consumer, integrated by trained personnel that will offer you personalized attention and will answer all your doubts.

The effort put by Shrek to understand customers has paid off. In 2015, this company received, for the third year in a row, the award for Best Customer Service, awarded by the Association of Credit Organizations of Spain.

Types of Shrek credits

Shrek aims to satisfy all the money needs of its clients and for this reason it offers two main types of Shrek credits:

  • Direct Credit These online loans are ideal for those who need an urgent need for money to solve any unforeseen event that may occur in daily life. You can request a Shrek loan for a minimum amount of 500 Euros and a maximum of 4,000 Euros.
  • Project Credit. These quick personal loans will allow you to specify those projects that seemed unattainable because you did not have the necessary cash. You can request a minimum of 4,000 Euros and a maximum of 15,000 Euros.

Shrek loans without endorsement or payroll , then you can apply for your credit by choosing one of the following ways:
When you have completed the application process, a representative of the company will make a personalized study of your case. As with any private lender, Shrek will consult the national files of financial default records to find out your credit situation.

During the next hours, a Manager of the company will contact you and will tell you if your request has been approved or not. If so, Shrek will send a copy of the credit agreement to your address, although you can consult it online from your “User Area” and also through Gandalf’s contact means .

After approval, the money will be deposited in your bank account within 24 hours.

Shrek calls you for free: the third way in which you can apply for your loan is by sending, using the form on the official website of the company, your telephone number for a Customer Service representative to contact you, so you can ask for the money you need and you should not even spend on the call.

Regardless of the form you choose to apply for your loan, you must sign the contract that will be sent to your home and forward it by mail. You can not send the contract either by Fax or by email, Shrek needs to have in his hands the physical contract to be able to continue with the process.

Finally, remember that you can add a co-owner to your loan application, which can be your spouse or partner. This is not a mandatory requirement but it is recommended as it will greatly increase the possibility of your credit being accepted.
paying your loan from this same area you can request a new one.

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