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Gandalf is a portal that offers online financial advice and allows you to request online credits for a maximum amount of 1000 euros in the first loan. If this loan is returned in a timely manner, the level of trust is increased. This is a metric that Gandalf uses to measure the solvency of its clients.

If you need quick money to cover the expenses of an emergency, you can access the Gandalf website and complete your application form. In 15 minutes you get a list of more than 20 lenders that can provide the necessary financing. As with all mini-credit sites, it can not be guaranteed that the application will be accepted. This depends on the credit analysis carried out by the company that grants the credit. But we can tell you that Gandalf is reliable.

Likewise, Gandalf is a portal in which you can get loans Gandalf con Phineas. The platform has favors reviews by its customers and aims to allow people who need quick financing to obtain it without major complications.

Something important to highlight Gandalf is that the company is part of several financial institutions and government agencies. Gandalf is a member of the following entities:

  • The Phineas. It is a fundamental organism for credit institutions that allows the access of professionals, final consumers and companies to the financing they need to obtain consumer or production goods.
  • Online trust The association focuses its activity on the communicational and contractual aspects of commercial transactions carried out by companies and public entities with consumers through the internet.
  • The National Institute of Consumption. It is a body of the General State Administration that promotes and promotes the rights of users and consumers.
  • The Ferb. It brings together all entities that provide online mini-credits and various national and European associations with the aim of improving short-term financing activity.

Requirements to request Gandalf personal loans

To acquire a loan Gandalf is necessary to meet the following conditions:

  • Be between 21 and 80 years old
  • Have a residence in Spain (it is not necessary to have Spanish nationality)
  • Own a mobile phone and an email address
  • Be the holder of a bank account in Spain
  • Have the ability to repay the loan in a timely manner

This last requirement may seem obvious but it is important to pay attention to it. The credits are obligations of payment and the breach of the same ones can have very important negative consequences. In Gandalf, if the payments are not made in time and form, the confidence level decreases. This makes obtaining subsequent loans more difficult. Unpaid debts can also end with a negative credit history in Phineas and other similar organizations.

How to apply for a loan Gandalf

The application process is very simple, just enter the website and select the amount you want to acquire and the return period. In the simulator site loans you can check the estimated interest rate in each case.

For the first loan, the maximum amount that is granted is 1000 euros. The return period is variable between 5 and 30 days. Something very prominent in the Gandalf opinions is that the first loan is granted with an interest rate of 0%, that is, it is not necessary to pay interest for the first small loan Gandalf.

After consulting the interest rate in the loan simulator it is necessary to complete an application form with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Identity card or NIE
  • Address
  • Phone number (landline or mobile)
  • Email address
  • Bank account

Another point that is frequently mentioned in the Gandalf reviews is that it is not necessary to have a job to acquire a loan through this portal. Yes, you must have a verifiable income, but it is not necessary to have a formal job to apply. Gandalf also does not ask for collateral or guarantee to grant loans.

Once you are a customer you can log in with your username and password to Gandalf My Account to see the status of your loan, make payments, change personal data, etc.

If you have any questions you can contact customer service by mail or from Gandalf telefono.

Interest rates loans Gandalf

It is important to remember that Gandalf is a portal that provides credit counseling, does not directly make loans. Therefore, it can not provide the information of the interest rate to be paid, this depends on the lender that will take over the financing.

In you can consult the loan simulator where you can obtain an estimate of the interest rate to be paid. The effective rate of the loan will be determined by the company that grants the credit once it carries out the credit analysis of the application.

An important point of the Gandalf platform is that it allows obtaining extensions in credits up to a maximum term of 45 days. This extension of the fast credit has a surcharge of 20% of the value of the loan.

Gandalf places great emphasis on establishing a relationship of trust with its customers. The punctual payments what contributes most to improve the confidence level, the most valued metric in this portal. Therefore it is advisable to analyze seriously if you are going to be able to face the credit payments before requesting Gandalf personal loans.

The Gandalf platform has the advantage of granting access to a variety of lenders that grant personal loans. It is a company that has the backing of various government organizations and financial associations so it can be concluded that it is a secure portal.

In addition, with Gandalf you can access 1000 euros in the first loan and with an interest rate of 0%. This point is frequently mentioned in the Gandalf reviews. In general, it is an efficient service with which fast financing is accessed.

While all the microcredit sites give great importance to the payments made in a timely manner, returning the loans without delay brings great benefits in Gandalf. In case of acquiring a loan and returning it on time, the level of confidence of the applicant increases and, when you want to acquire a new loan, you can obtain it for a greater amount. The maximum amount to request increases gradually as credits are requested and canceled. The maximum that Gandalf grants is 3,000 euros, an amount much higher than what fast loan sites usually grant.

Main characteristics of Gandalf:

  • It is a credit counseling platform that allows you to contact several lenders
  • The first credit can be obtained for 1000 euros with an interest rate of 0%
  • It is not necessary to have a job to apply for a loan
  • Gandalf is reliable
  • Gandalf loans are allowed with Phineas
  • Nor is a guarantee or guarantee requested, just have a verifiable income
  • Allows you to request an extension up to a maximum of 45 days (for this a surcharge of 20% of the amount of the credit is charged)

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