AD says Kendrick Lamar mistook him for someone “from another neighborhood” when they first met, which resulted in an intense confrontation in the studio. The Compton rapper opened up about meeting the Mr. Morale and Big Steps rapper during an interview with no rider during the weekend.

“You wanna know something crazy about Kendrick [Lamar]brother?” said AD. “When I first met him, he thought I was someone else. He tried to quietly pressure me.

Santiago Bluguermann/Getty Images

He continued, “I guess some n**** fired it back in the day. And I came to the studio and he was crazy. He was like, ‘You from the Almond block?’ And I was like, ‘Nahh.’ Almond Block is another neighborhood in Compton. He was like, ‘You’re from Almond Block’ and I was like, ‘No, I’m here’, and we were cool after that. But he was mad like I was from Almond Block, he would have revenge on me that day.

AD added that he was outnumbered, with mixing engineer Derek “Mixedbyali” Ali being his only associate with him. However, the rapper says he wouldn’t have backed down from Lamar if things got violent.

The comments come after Lamar recently released his first full solo album since 2017 in the form of Mr. Morale and Big Steps. The project sold nearly 300,000 units in its first week, putting it at the top of the Billboard charts.

Check out the look of AD on no rider below.